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Aerion is released!

2016-08-29 18:18:00 by Kid2Will

Finally finished my 4th album :D You can get it on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby and many other places.


Credit to inky for the album artwork.

I understand not having money to purchase the music you want. I have all of my albums up for free download at the bandcamp website. 

Aerion <- newest :D

Thanks and enjoy,


Contacting me!

2013-11-10 03:39:47 by Kid2Will

Hey Everyone!

Please use my email as a contact point instead of messaging me on Newgrounds :

I will eventually respond to Newgrounds messages but I seldom check that inbox.

Contacting me!

Facebook / official music page

2012-05-27 08:14:16 by Kid2Will

Finally got one up!

I should have an official website up soon. Just waiting on the hosting company to complete everything.

and as always, free downloads at newgrounds =)

Facebook / official music page

2 New Heroes

2012-04-04 19:56:51 by Kid2Will

Zircon - The Art of Zen
Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire

Actually finding inspiration is as good or better than anything you can come up with.

Flash Flash Revolution!

2011-01-21 07:50:16 by Kid2Will

Multiplayer is BACK!!!

Flash Flash Revolution!

I have an album?! =D

2010-09-07 00:13:09 by Kid2Will

Living Planet - Kid2will

I originally never planned to sell my music. However, persuasion from peers, close friends and family convinced me otherwise.

Living Planet has 20 songs and if you click on the link you can see them =).

Collective Echoes, another album I have submitted, will be available within a few months .So keep checking to see if its out.

I will eventually stop submitting to Newgrounds and just release songs through itunes. Along with the possibility of getting my own site. I will probably submit a song here and there to get feedback. They will most likely just be demos though.

My email is if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

I really could not have gotten any experience with music if it weren't for y'all giving advice and insisting that I make more music.

Latest Song!

2010-02-16 11:42:12 by Kid2Will

Check out my newest song! It was getting decent attention it's first day untill it hit a zero. Now it's sitting somewhere in the 3000's in the ambient section. It would be awesome for you to listen and vote or maybe a download. It's a great song check it out.

~'{Northern Rain}'~


2010-02-13 05:10:54 by Kid2Will

What's better than somehow linking all your music together in one big story???

Drawing it! Gonna buy a tablet and learn flash. Cause It's a #!@$-load harder than I thought it would be.

This project will not be done before I reach 30 lolol. =D


2009-10-10 21:22:48 by Kid2Will

I can't Find Any Of My FL Studio Files From 2008 and Earlier . =(

Song series

2009-09-03 01:57:26 by Kid2Will

Whats better than telling stories solely through music. I think its great!

Anyway the Sytrus Missions series is complete. (Or is it?...)

1. Liftoff
2. Pure Numbness
3. Success
4. Living
5. Rivaura