Rings of Ceren Video Game Song
Retro Thrusters New Wave Song

2015 Submissions

Give the Command Video Game Song
Squadron 121 "Vortex" Video Game Song
Wingz Video Game Song
Energy Torrent Video Game Loop
Alive Trance Loop
Squadron 115 "Aurora" Video Game Loop
Android Swarm Video Game Song
Devastated Video Game Song
Aedion Video Game Song
Ice Aura - Shattered Video Game Song

2013 Submissions

Testing MOR2 Video Game Song
Child of the Sky Drum N Bass Song
Welcome back Classical Song
Kid2Will Video Game Song
Intro to Video Game Song

2012 Submissions

Valrens Fight Video Game Song
Storm Riders Drum N Bass Song
Keys to the Universe Trance Song
Ranger Raian Video Game Song
Scary Moment Video Game Song
End of Your Story Video Game Loop
Binary Ranger Video Game Loop
Out of Time Classical Song
Corridors of Time Video Game Loop
Sky Chaser Video Game Song
The Driven Video Game Song
The Patient Lokfarian Video Game Song
Release Video Game Song
Tales of a Dream Video Game Song
Sorry... Video Game Song
ThirdStyle Trance Song
Egami Trance Song
Club Spud Techno Song
Fall2011Workinprogress Miscellaneous Song
~'{Night Sky}'~ Trance Song
Exploring Dubstep Dubstep Song
JaeCee Classical Song
~'{Icy Morning}'~ Video Game Song
MXM ambient Ambient Song
~'{Shivering Stars}'~ Ambient Song
~'{Endings}'~ Trance Song
~'{Snowfall}'~ Techno Song
Piano Poop Classical Loop
Short Bass preview Video Game Loop
Awesome Loop Dance Loop
~'{Space Scenery}'~ Video Game Song
Spikestar's Revenge Video Game Song
~'{Inspiration}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Tishtari Rain}'~ Techno Song
~'{Azarian Fire}'~ Dance Song
~'{Lil Wing}'~ Techno Song
~'{Northern Rain}'~ Ambient Song
~'{The Highest Horizon}'~ Techno Song
~'{R.O.Y.I}'~ Industrial Loop
~'{Isolated Planet}'~ Miscellaneous Song
~'{The Savior}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Frozen Fog}'~ (bbbrrr) Techno Song
~'{Searching}`~ Miscellaneous Song
~'{Refracted Sunrise}'~ Miscellaneous Song
DBZ -ish (2) Video Game Loop
wip dancin loop Dance Loop
~'{Light Aura}'~ Trance Song
~'{Chrono Aura}'~ Video Game Song
Stage 7-4 Video Game Loop
~'{When You Dream}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Rivaura}'~ (SytrusMissions) Video Game Song
random 8-bit melody patterns Video Game Loop
~'{Fifth}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Pseudon}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Portal}'~ Techno Song
~'{Signify}'~ Trance Song
After 5310 Ambient Loop
Exploring a Digital World Trance Song
~'{4am Fog}'~ Video Game Song
Gohan Loop Video Game Loop
Success (Sytrus Missions) Video Game Song
Pure Numbness(Sytrus Missions) Trance Song
wip Egyptrance Miscellaneous Loop
~'{Reveal}'~ Video Game Song
Liftoff (Sytrus Missions) Video Game Song
~'{Forbidden Research}'~ Video Game Song
~'{CoreShift}'~ Video Game Song
~'{Auralast}'~ Techno Song
~'{Into The Storm}'~ Drum N Bass Song
~'{Approaching Midnight}'~ Miscellaneous Song
Living (Sytrus Missions) Trance Song
TranSax Miscellaneous Song
~'{Oceans Away}'~ Dance Song
~'{Forest Mirage}'~ Video Game Song
Another DBZ-ish tune Miscellaneous Song
~'{Wind Aura}'~ Trance Song
"Just Feel It" demo loop Miscellaneous Loop
~'{Awaken}'~ Video Game Song
2-2 Kid2will Miscellaneous Song
1-2 Kid2will Miscellaneous Song
~'{The Echoes}'~ Ambient Song
~'{Mental Chase}'~ Ambient Song
~'{Water Aura}'~ Trance Song
Suspense... Classical Loop
~'{Transluted Fantasm}'~ Miscellaneous Song
learnin dnb wip Drum N Bass Loop
Transluted Fantasm (loop) Classical Loop
~'{Penny}'~ General Rock Song
Kid2will 2008 previews Miscellaneous Song
If Kid2will did DBZ Video Game Song
~'{Night Ride}'~ Trance Song
~'{The Power Within}'~ Miscellaneous Song
~'{Winter Aura}'~ Trance Song
Winter Aura (Loop) Trance Loop
Slides Are Fun! Trance Song
~'{Sand Rift}'~ Drum N Bass Song
"You pick the title"(wip) Dance Loop
~'{Lightning Aura}'~ Techno Song
Lightning Aura (Loop) Techno Loop
~'{Earth Aura}'~ Trance Song
Earth Aura (Loop) Trance Loop
~'{Fire Aura}'~ Techno Song
Fire Aura (BETTER Loop) Techno Loop
~'{Sky Aura}'~ Trance Song
Sky Aura (loop) Trance Loop
Some Space Side Scroller Video Game Song
Gamer's Solo (finished?) Video Game Song
Ancient Dream IV Techno Song
BreakDown (Wip) Techno Song
LSIP 3 Miscellaneous Song
LSIP 2 Techno Song
LSIP 1 Miscellaneous Song
Rock the Lullaby Miscellaneous Song
DeathHunt 5-21 General Rock Song
Home Again Trance Song
Guitar Hero Tribute Miscellaneous Song
Ice Rave {Ice Cap Remix} Video Game Song
RPG Loop 1 Video Game Loop
Ambitrance Ambient Song
Iron Echoes {Guitar Break} General Rock Song
In My Head Piano Ambient Song
Tank Battle Rave Dance Song
Iron Echoes Techno Song
Returned Techno Techno Song
For Whom We Love Ambient Song
Street Fighter Slayer Video Game Song
Winter's Distance(180) Techno Song
Winter's Distance(140) Ambient Song
Enjoy Life Trance Song
Nightmare ( In Dream Land ) Video Game Song
Power to Launch Techno Song
Power of that SS Techno Song
Dreaming of simplicity Ambient Song
Power Deprived General Rock Song
Power Shift Techno Techno Song
Warm Memories Trance Loop
Happy burst of the piano Classical Loop
Dream Away Trance Song
Dark-Light Techno Song
Kid2Will-Endless WaterDrop Trance Song